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About Our Founder

As an Organizational Psychologist by training, Claudine understands the importance of fostering holistic development in children. But it was her experience as a busy mother juggling multiple activities for her own kids that sparked the idea for Electivity.

Claudine's journey began with a simple question: Why should parent volunteers and schools bear the burden of organizing enriching activities for children outside of school hours? With a vision to streamline this process and bring quality programs directly to schools, Claudine founded Electivity.

Under Claudine's visionary leadership, Electivity has experienced rapid growth, expanding its reach throughout the Bay Area, establishing fruitful partnerships with private, public schools, and recreation centers.


Claudine's passion for empowering women-led businesses extends beyond Electivity; she is also a proud past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). In this role, Claudine is dedicated to collaborating with and supporting fellow women entrepreneurs on their professional journeys.


Electivity's mission is to provide high-quality enrichment programs that inspire, educate, and empower children of all ages.

We recognize the importance of tailoring our programs to local markets by collaborating closely with community-based providers and business owners. By doing so, we ensure that our programs are culturally responsive and inclusive, reflecting the unique identities and perspectives of the communities we serve. This collaborative approach creates a sense of investment and commitment to education among community members, fostering an ecosystem of support for youth development.


Our goal is to make learning enjoyable beyond the traditional classroom setting, instilling a love for lifelong learning in children and cultivating the joy of discovery.

Additionally, we prioritize accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that our programs are accessible to all students, including those from underserved communities, through scholarships and partnerships with schools and community centers.

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