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MONDAY Architecture

1-2pm  |  3/9-4/27. (No class 4/13)

Gr 2-8 | Min 8, Max 14 | $220

In this course, students will design and build three dimensional buildings limited only by their imagination. They’ll learn how architects combine functional needs for a building with designs that excite our imaginations. They will use a wide range of materials (including clay, wood blocks, cardboards, polystyrene, foam boards) to turn their imagination into reality. This program is introducing the discipline of architecture to kids, to nurture their talents, interests, & encourage interdisciplinary pollination of STEAM.

Instructor: Children of Bisheh

Art Book


3.15-4.15pm | 3/12-5/7 (No class 4/9, 4/16)

Gr K-5 | Min 10, Max 16 | $180

This class teaches art techniques, vocabulary, and a variety of art concepts including: Portraiture, Perspective, Still Life, Realism,/Abstraction, Color Theory, and more.  Your child will build comprehensive art literacy that will serve them well not just at the drawing table, but also in life!

Instructor: Young Rembrandt

Flag Football Game

MON Flag Football

 1-2pm  | (3/9-4/27  (No class 4/13) 

Gr K-4 | Min 12, Max 16 | $175

Flag football is a “no-contact” sport.  This class teaches your child the fundamentals of flag football through age-appropriate skills and drills. It is geared towards developing your child’s ability, confidence and love for the game, as well as teaching sportsmanship values that extend far beyond the playing field.  Each class will end with 20-30 minute of game time.

Instructor: One-On-One

Karate Practice


3.15-4.15pm | 3/13-5/8 (No class 4/10, 4/17)

Gr K & up | Min 10, Max 18 | $160

Taekwondo teaches children discipline and physical skills whether they want to compete for the gold or just want to learn.  We emphasize a cooperative environment, and learning positive social skills. This translates to many students excelling in scholastic activities as they develop improved focus.  Instructor: Allstars Martial Arts

Quilted Hearts

**WED Textile & Fiber Arts CANCELLED

 3.15-4.15pm | 3/11-5/6 (No class 4/8, 4/15)

Gr K & up | Min 12, Max 16 | $230

This class offers a variety of different textiles and fiber arts techniques, including but isn't limited to sewing, embroidery, weaving, macrame, etc. Projects may include Fabric Covered Journals • Felt Stuffed Animals • Shibori and Batik Dyeing • Wool Felted Keychains • Woven Wall Hangings • Decorative Pillows • Zipper Pouches and more!  Instructor: Dragonfly Designs

Building a Robot


 3.15-4.15pm |  3/13-5/8 (No class 4/10, 4/17)

Gr 1-8 | Min 8, Max 12 | $180

This robotics class is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of robot design and programming. Students will learn basic concepts and apply them by building and programming a LEGO robot to perform specific tasks through a hands-on approach.  With iterative efforts, students will get insights into the application of robotics to solve real life problems. Returning students will work on new challenges.

Instructor: Knodemy 

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