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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Fall 2023 Enrichment


CHESS $250

9 classes: 9/19-12/5.
No class 10/31, 11/7, 11/21
3.15-4.15pm  | Gr K & up | Loc TBD

This chess class starts with a half hour of instruction time  on a theme, idea, motif, or classical game. Students participate by playing each other, and attempting to find the best move in certain positions.  Our primary focus are tactics, endgames, and identifying checkmating patterns. Homework is given to supplement the topics covered in class and reviewed the following week. We also review and learn from past classical chess games. Min 12
Image by Alex Kondratiev


9 classes: 9/21 - 11/30.  
No class 11/9, 11/23
3.15-4.15pm | Gr K-2 | Loc TBD

Junior Alchemists conjure a snake using only sugar and baking soda, pass secret messages in invisible ink, and cause a volcanic eruption to rival Pompeii; you'll perform all these experiments and more, while learning the scientific principles behind them!  Min 12
Martial Arts Class


9 classes: 9/20 - 11/29.  
No class 11/8, 11/22
1.15pm-2.15pm | Gr K-3 | Outside Gallery

Taekwondo teaches children discipline and physical skills whether they want to compete for the gold or just want to learn.  We emphasize a cooperative environment, and learning positive social skills.  This translates to many students excelling in scholastic activities as they develop improved focus. Min 12
Kids robot


8 classes: 9/28 - 11/30.  
No class 11/9, 11/23
3.15-4.45pm | Gr 3-5 | Loc TBD

In this 90-minute class, students design, build, program and test robotics projects with the newest materials that LEGO® has to offer, Spike Prime! All participants will get hands-on learning experience as they are introduced to STEM and programming concepts. Everything will be provided from tablets for programming, Spike Prime Robotics materials (motors, sensors, brain brick), and more LEGO® bricks and pieces than they could ever build!  Min 12
Children's Cooking Class

CHEF IT UP! $360

9 classes: 9/20 - 11/29.  
No class 11/8, 11/22
1.15pm-2.15pm | Gr 4 & up | Loc TBD

Go on a culinary adventure and experience food and drink from different countries! Some of the countries we visit are:  Italy with Pasta making, Japan with Sushi Making; Mexico with Salsa or Quesadillas or the good ole’ USA with Apple Pies!  Recipes can be made as a “no bake” option -  where prepared food are sent home with baking instructions for students to finish up at home with the family! Peanut & Tree Nut Free. Min 16
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