Our Lady of Mount Carmel Winter 2023 Enrichment


CHESS $250

No class 1/16, 2/20
3.15pm-4.15pm, Gr 4-8
(12.15pm-1.15pm on Early Dismissal Days 1/23, 2/13)
4.15pm-5.15pm, Gr K-3
(1.15pm-2.15pm on Early Dismissal Days 1/23, 2/13)

This chess class starts with a half hour of instruction time  on a theme or classical game. Students then participate in game/practice  time. Our primary focus are tactics, endgames, and identifying checkmating patterns. Homework is given to supplement the topics covered in class and reviewed the following week. We also review and learn from  classical chess games. Min 12
Color Tiles


1.15pm-2.15pm, Gr 4-8

Explore Product Design!  Create your own books!  Learn how Architecture works! In  this class, students will go through a creative planning process to design and build.  Sample projects include: bookmaking - accordion books and popup books, three-dimensional buildings limited only by their imagination, and products based on the concepts of recycling and multi-functionality. Min 10.

Image by Rainier Ridao

HIP HOP $235

1/13-3/31. No class 2/17, 3/10
3.15pm-4.15pm, Gr 4-8    
4.15pm-5.15pm, Gr K-3
Dance uplifts, unites, and empowers. Students  can express their individuality while working on gross motor skills and developing cognitive and social skills. Hip Hop is the perfect class for children who want to dance, stay active, and learn how to freestyle! Musicality, rhythm, and creative movement are key components of this fun, urban/street-style dance class. Min 10
Image by Robert Collins


3.15pm-4.15pm, Gr 4-8
4.15pm-5.15pm, Gr K-3

Learn to Uke! It's relatively simple to learn, easy to tote around, super fun, and timelessly popular!  In this ensemble, we will jump right into the fun stuff and learn how to play music on the ukulele. By the end of the course, students will know a few chord positions, will be able to play a couple of songs on the ukulele, and be able to sing along. Our instructors bring a classroom set of ukuleles with them to every class for the kids to use and we highly recommend that students also have a ukulele at home to practice. Min 10



1/12-3/30. No class 3/9.
3.15pm-4.15pm, Gr 4-8

In this project-based class, students will learn text-based coding to run IoT devices.  Sample projects include: SmartHome Coding , Drone Coding , SmartFarming Coding , and Autonomous Vehicle Coding. $45 textbook and kit included in class fee. Students will use school-issued chromebooks for the coding component. Min 10

Martial Arts Class


1.15pm-2.15pm,  Gr K-3
Taekwondo teaches children discipline and physical skills whether they want to compete for the gold or just want to learn.  We emphasize a cooperative environment, and learning positive social skills.  This translates to many students excelling in scholastic activities as they develop improved focus. Dress comfortably and eat  a light snack before class. Min 10



1/12-5/11. No class 3/9
4.15pm-5.15pm, Gr 1-3
Scratch is one of the most popular block-based visual programming languages that students can use to build digital stories and creative games. It promotes computational thinking and problem-solving skills, and is a great introduction to computing. Students will use school-issued chromebooks. Min 10