Spring 2021 enrichment online


MON 4/5 - FRI 4/9

Castles & Creatures $90 

Gr 3-6 (Gr 1-2 with parental guidance)

9am-10am PST  

Learn the fundamentals of architecture by exploring real & fictional castles.  Students will build their own Gothic castle with secret tunnels, underground chambers, dungeons, shifting walls, draw bridges and a poison garden & fantastic beasts. Each class begins with a 10-20 minute introduction designed to inspire ideas relating to the project. For the rest of the class, we will demonstrate the design and building process, and build projects together. Students will complete their projects independently outside of class time, if needed.

Required materials: Green, blue paper & plain paper, cardstock or cardboard, 2 Paper towel rolls. Optional materials list will be sent ahead of class.


Financial Literacy $145

Gr 3-5 | 4pm-4.55pm PST

Gr 6 and up | 5pm-6pm PST

6 classes: 4/13-5/18 

This online course will provide students with engaging lessons and presentations to inspire them to make positive financial decisions. Students will be provided with access to an online platform to complete assignments and participate in interactive simulations and assessments. Topics cover accounts, savings and budgets, credit, debts and loans, income, careers and entrepreneurship. 


Internet Safety & Social Media Etiquette $85

Gr 5 and up | 4pm-4.45pm PST

4 classes: 4/15-5/6

This workshop will start with understanding what your rights are when it comes to using anything online, from video games to social media. We will go through some exercises to further understand what our own habits are with technology use.


OrigaMath $135

Gr K-4 | 4pm-5pm PST

6 classes: 4/12-5/17 

3D shapes are all around us. In this class, students will get to practice creating their own shapes with origami. The student will learn to recognize the shapes in their environment. We will discuss sides and vertices of our shapes. 

Required materials:  origami paper (printer paper in perfect squares is okay), pencil, scratch paper, crayons/colored pencils.


Sketch & Sculpt $135

Gr K-4 | 4pm-5pm PST

6 classes: 4/14-5/19 

In this class, students learn how to sketch and sculpt their favorite characters with step-by-step instruction. The lesson will begin with basic shape recognition as we break the character down in the sketching phase. The class will then move on to coloring and basic shading techniques. After sketching, students will show their artwork before moving onto the clay sculpting. The clay class will begin with ball shapes during the preparation phase and will then move on to color and basic sculpting techniques. Required materials: Pencil, paper, eraser, favorite coloring tools, playdough or model magic clay, paints or markers, paintbrushes, cardstock to put creation on.


Beginner Rhythmic Gymnastics $100

Gr K-4 | 4pm-5pm PST

6 classes: 4/15-5/20

Beginner rhythmic gymnastics teaches coordination, flexibility, strength, basic acrobatics, dance and musicality, as well as skills with jump ropes, hoop, ball and ribbon. Students in Zoom classes should have a jump rope a hoola hoop, a ball of any kind and a small ribbon. Dress code: fitted clothes that allow movement. Pull back hair. For Zoom class it is best to have an open space such as a living room with as much open floor space as possible and good lighting.


Executive Functioning $135

Gr 5 and up | 4pm-5pm PST

6 classes: 4/12-5/17 

This 6-week course will provide students with engaging lessons and presentations to inspire them to make positive emotional and behavioral decisions. Students will meet once a week for live instruction and complete assignments through Google classroom. Discussion topics include Self-awareness, Inhibition, Non-verbal working memory, working memory, Emotional self-regulation, Self-motivation, Planning and problem-solving, and making a Plan!


Resumes & Interview Skills $135

Gr 5 and up | 4pm-5pm PST

6 classes: 4/14-5/19 

This 6-week course will include going over a sample resume, and sample templates will be shared with students in Microsoft word or google doc formats. There will be an instructor-led activity with students to generate items to put on a resume. We will also discuss ways to build your resume as you progress in school.  In addition, we will talk about how to use a resume (for example, applying to jobs, school applications, etc). We will go over a variety of sample interview questions and students will materialize their own answers. We will discuss different types of interviews (virtual or in-person) and tips for success. There will be time set aside to practice mock interviews at the end of class.


Family Chess Night $135

All grades | 4pm-5pm PST

6 classes: 4/16-5/21 

In Family Chess Night, students are taught the fundamentals of chess, strategy and tactic.  We give them the tools to develop skills in  logical thinking, problem solving, and foresight!  Once they learn the basics they will be  on their way to sharing some fun with the entire family over the board!  Parents are welcome to  listen in!

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