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St Patrick Fall 2023

Film Clapboard



10 classes: 9/11-11/13.

ACTING & FILMMAKING K (CLOSED)| 2-2.50pm | Kinder 

ACTING & FILMMAKING+ (now taking Kinders)| 3.10-4.10pm | Gr K & up | Loc: TBD

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of acting and filmmaking techniques by an award-winning film-maker.  Several group films will be made during the session and everyone will have creative input in the storytelling, with an emphasis on collaboration and communication skills.  The workshop will culminate in a screening of some of the work for parents to give a sense of completion and reinforce both personal and creative accomplishments. Students will be asked to act out fictional characters and scenes in order to reflect on possible alternative ways to interact, make personal connections between the challenges of their characters and themselves. Students are expected to come in comfortable clothes, be on time, and come with ideas. If they have iphones they can bring them but they are not necessary. Cameras and equipment will be provided. Min 8, Max 10

Cooking Eggs



11 classes: 9/13 - 11/29.  

No class 11/22

12.30-1.30pm | Gr 3 & up | Loc: Kitchen

These weekly classes are a perfect and fun opportunity to introduce children to new ingredients. Each meal is prepared together as a class with organic/vegetarian/ gluten-free/nut-free ingredients. We will recreate favorite dishes that are nutrient-dense and delicious, and simple enough to make at home.  Min 8, Max 12

Carpenter Tools



10 classes: 9/12-11/28.

No class 10/31, 11/21

(WAITLIST) WOODCRAFTS 2-2.50pm | Kinder | Loc: Lower Yard
Kinders learn to craft with wood, improving their dexterity, focus and confidence.  They will safely experiment with hand tools like hammers, sanding blocks, screwdrivers and small saws (as abilities allow), making simple wood sculptures and painting them. Min 6, Max 8


WOODWORKING | 3.10-4.10pm | Gr 1-4 | Loc: Lower Yard
Children get to experience themselves as doers and creators, learn high-dexterity woodworking skills, build self-confidence and independence, and discover the magic of personal dedication by using hand tools to safely make fun, and functional projects! Min 6, Max 12

Acrylic Paints


ART $310

10 classes: 9/14-11/30.

No class 10/12, 11/23
ART K | 2-2.50pm | Loc: TBD

(WAITLIST) ART+ | 3.10-4.10pm Gr 1-5 | Loc: TBD

Bring your child's art skills to the next level in this series of art classes. We'll focus on drawing and painting,  experiment and explore a range of projects and.  Imagine nature inspired painting, drawing with colorful paint pens and oil pastels, creating layered collages, etc...but mostly just having fun in the process and perhaps getting a bit messy. Materials included. Min 10, Max 12




(CLOSED) 11 classes: 9/13 - 11/29.  No class 11/22 | 12.30-1.30pm | Gr K-2 | Loc: TBD

Create your own comic strip! This class takes young cartoonists from drawing the cartoon head from every angle up to drawing a Sunday comic strip.  Along the way, students will learn how to draw two and four-legged bodies and how to design their own characters using simple formulas. Students will develop cartoon characters while learning the language of comics, proportion, composition, perspective and how to write a joke from scratch. Materials included. Min 8. Max 12

Chalkboard with Different Languages



9 classes: 9/15-12/1.

No class 10/6, 10/13, 11/24
SPANISH K | 2-2.50pm | Loc: TBD
SPANISH+ | 3.10-4.10pm Gr 1-4 | Loc: TBD


In this beginner Spanish class, we focus on strengthening conversational skills and grammar, and building vocabulary.  Instruction is provided with singing and games. Students will learn numbers, days of the week, months, animals, colors, telling time, and verbs.  By the end of the class, students should have a strong foundation in  basic Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening, writing and simple, practical Spanish conversations.  Returning students will build on previously acquired knowledge.
Min 8, 
Max 12

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