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Winter Enrichment Online 2021

Science Student


Explorations in Quantum Physics $190

1/25-3/22 (no class 2/15)

4pm-5pm PST | Gr 5 & up 

In the first 4 weeks of the session, students learn about the electromagnetic nature of matter and energy, including: Magnetism, Magnetic Induction Electricity, Photons, Solar Energy. In the second half of the session, students are introduced to atoms, subatomic particles and the Periodic Table of Elements (Hydrogen to Xenon). They learn how atoms form molecules, and also learn about the structure of the Periodic Table.  Class content is taught through engaging visual aids, physical demonstrations and thought-provoking discussion. (Optional materials not included.)

School Kids Meditating


Wholesome Mindful Yoga $120 per family

(of not more than 3 children)

1/26-3/2 (no class 2/16)

5pm-6pm PST | Gr 2 and up

Let's practice yoga together! We will begin by doing some gentle stretching, followed by playful movement, yoga, & deep breathing. This class is a perfect way to unwind at the end of the day, providing deep relaxation, mental clarity, stress release, creating a mind and body harmony. 

Business Team


Aspiring Entrepreneurs $190

1/29-3/26 (no class 2/19) 

4-5pm PST | Gr 1-4 

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs! It's never too early to start your own business! In this interactive course, you will learn what an entrepreneur is, how to choose a business idea, and business basics.  You will experience running a business and apply what you learn to get your own business started and up-and- running. You will learn how to communicate your business idea effectively through an elevator pitch that you create for your own business.

Children's Cooking Class


Wholesome Meals for the Family $120 per family

(of not more than 3 children)

1/25-3/1 (no class 2/15)

5pm-6pm PST | Gr 2 and up

Using seasonal ingredients, we will create a delicious, nutritious meal - vegetarian/gluten/nut-free each week.  Prior to each class, the menu and shopping guide will be shared with families. This is a great opportunity to try out new ingredients, new foods and have lots of fun creating healthy meals and memories together!



Fashion Design $190

1/27-3/24 (no class 2/17)

4pm-5pm PST |  Gr 1-5

Interested in fashion design?  In this class, students will create a mood board, fashion collection, and a mixed media flower illustration project while learning about the fashion industry, textiles, and design.

Focusing at Work


Machine Learning $265


1/30-3/27 (no class 2/20) 

4pm -6pm PST | Gr 6 & up  

Machine Learning is the future, and it is all around us.  Through coding algorithms, students will create projects and build games with machine learning.  Projects may include:  handwriting recognition, plant classification, talent scouting. 

Prerequisite:  Knowledge of Python

Pottery Workshop


Urban Architecture $190

1/26-3/23 (no class 2/16)

4pm-5pm PST | Gr 1-4

Why are homes located in a specific area, while shops, libraries, schools, businesses or factories are located in another? How did someone decide where the roads would go, and how many lanes each road would have? How much park or open space is available to play in?  These are the questions that are going to be discussed during this program.  Each week we’ll focus on an element of urban design of a city and children will construct a cityscape with simple, home-sourced materials.

Geometeric Graph


Math Circle

Intermediate $290

Advanced $325 (closed)

1/21-3/25 (no class 2/18)

4pm-5pm PST Intermediate (Gr 6-7)

4pm-5.30pm PST Advanced (cancelled)

Math Circle offers math-curious students the opportunity to explore complex mathematical ideas and topics. Led by Dr Paur, class format may vary and may include demonstration of experiments, guided discussions, teamwork, online games, and handouts.  

Note: Advanced class: 1/21 and 2/4 start time 5pm for AMC10 practice and competition.

*For students signing up for a level that doesn't match their school grade, placement tests will determine level.

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