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Spring Break Camps Online
Mon 4/4 - Fri 4/8
Mon 4/18 - Fri 4/22

Coding For Little Curious Minds $150 

Ages 4-7 | 9.15am-10am PST

Students will learn coding basics, vocabulary words, algorithm, program and debugging. They will understand how to give a specific set of directions, and when directions don't work, they will be able to find the mistake and fix it. They will also learn why coding is important. 
1. Compare coding and giving a character a command.
2. Watch a video that explains how coding relates to us, coding, algorithms and debugging.
3. Work together to get the character, home by providing a code.
4. Work on to begin coding tasks together as a group.
Coding is a great way to build social and emotional skills that include, perseverance, resilience and problem solving as well as creativity and innovation.

Graphic Designer Working

Graphic Designing $150 

Ages 8-14 | 9am-10.30am PST

Day 1 : Introduction to Graphic design, Platform overview, Creating and manipulating objects, tools and techniques
Creating objects, adding and changing colors, Multiple selection, Scaling, rotate and transforming objects.


Day 2 :Alignment and distribution, Duplication, selecting and manipulating multiple object

Day 3:Test editor, fonts and font style
Grouping objects, creating asserts using multiple objects


Day 4: Cover design concepts, path editor, adding and transforming nodes, snapping tool

Day 5: Duplication, align and distribution, polygon tool, mathematical calculation, units and pixels

Image by Justus Menke

Learn the Secrets of the Rubiks Cube $150 

Ages 9-11 | 9am-10.30am PST  

Join us in a fun 5 day course to learn secrets of the world's most popular puzzle toy! By the end of our week-long camp, your child will build confidence, improve spatial thinking abilities and patience, and have fun! Decision making techniques taught through the Rubiks cube course can help improve your child's thinking in other academic subjects.

Financial Literacy

Boot Camp - Scratch with Artificial Intelligence $199 

Ages 8-12 | 9.30am-11am PST

Students will be working with MIT Scratch Coding UI and progress from Basic projects to using AI concepts.

They should have their audio and camera working for working on the AI projects.

Main topics covered -
Text to speech
Variables, Clones, Loop
Random Positions
Projects covered in 5 days
- Chatbot
- Translator
- Snake Game
- Catch the Star
- AI Simple Calculator

Image by Adi Goldstein

Let's Learn Circuits $150 

Ages 9-14 | 10.30am-11.30am PST

In this program students will be working in a simulated online environment TinkerCad to get introduced to Circuits.

1 Fundamental of electricity, Intro to arduino, resistance and coding Christmas Lightning Project
2 Introduction to digital pins, more about voltage, Intro to Potentiometer Controlling LED brightness, buzzer using potentiometer
3 Introduction to Servo motor and it's uses Servomotor using Arduino
4 Fundamentals of Proximity Infrared Sensor (PIR) and Intro to analog Pins Theft Detection System using PIR
5 Theory of RGB LED and working of DC Motor RGB and DC motor combined project
6 Intro to Breadboard, understanding of breadboard circuit Creation of Mini circuits on Bread Board


Digital social media

Python with Artificial Intelligence Camp $299

Ages 12-16 | 9am-11am PST

Welcome to Python with AI intro program . In this program you will learn basics of python and AI

Day 1:
History of python
Intro to A1 with python
Teachable Machine
Python basics


Day 2:
Python programming on variables, operators
Control Flow
Syntax debugging


Day 3:
Drawing fun shapes with python
Python Functions
Using Functions with control flow
Dialogflow chatbot using control flow

Day 4:
Loops in Python
List in python
Solving Real-Life using python

Day 5:
Deploy your First A1 Model
Image Basics
Image Manipulation using python
Final Project Showcase
Parents Teacher Meet / Demo Day

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